Charitable Fundraising

For many years we have been proud to publicise that we regularly make donations to charity. Our more memorable

charity event is our autumn production, a donation to the BBC’s Children in Need Appeal, due to its close calendar proximity.

Raising money for this charity via our Friday Evening Raffle has proven very successful. Our regular audience members have come to expect it, sparking enthusiasm for to continue.

Recently, the society have decided to increase our charitable donations to include them at our Winter and Spring productions, keeping with the theme of the Friday Evening Raffle as part of the proceeds which go to the chosen charity.

We choose the charities we wish to donate to carefully, ensuring that it is a suitable cause. Sometimes, there have been mentions of specific charities within the plays we’ve performed which has made our decision, other times its more personal reasons which spark our interest.

If you know or are part of a charity who would be interested in us fundraising for you, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Some of the charities which we have donated to in the past are as follows: