"Auditioning" is a very formal term when in actual fact we make it as much fun as possible. It consists largely of us sitting round a table and reading the play with different people reading the available parts. We do this to allow the Director to hear different people reading a part. If there are two or more people suitable for a part, we try to give it to the one who has not had a part for the longest time, or to someone who has shown great commitment to the group by regularly turning up to set build and/or other occasions. Don't be anxious about this process; it is quite painless and, we hope, fun to do.

February Play

The February play is Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn. Norma Dransfield will be directing it.  It has been cast and will be performed on Thurs/Fri/Sat 23/24/25 February 2017. Rehearsals started in November 2016.

April Play

The April play is to be directed by Norma Dransfield and has yet to be chosen. Auditions will take place as soon as possible and rehearsals will start in February 2017.


Message from Norma: 

As a director I would like everyone who is interested in being in one of our plays, or helping with all the backstage jobs (including costume and props) to attend and make it a true Bridgewater Players Production.

Friday the 28th of April - Bridgewater Players - Made in Warrington .